8 Ways to Attract New Members & Enhance Your Church’s Experience

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In ministry, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and run out of ideas for ways to appeal to new potential churchgoers and grow your community. That’s why we wanted to give you eight ideas for how to enhance your church’s experience and attract new members.

1. Add a Chat Feature to Your Website

Chances are, many new people are finding your church online. And new people often have questions! Adding a chat feature to your website is a great way to allow people to ask questions before they visit. You can also use the messaging feature on your Facebook page as a place to answer questions or even allow people to share their prayer requests.

2. Create a Newsletter

Don’t underestimate the power of a newsletter to keep people involved. These perform best when they are both online and offline. The online version can bring new people in and the offline versions can help retain older generations that enjoy the hands-on feel. This is an easy way to spread the word about upcoming events, share prayer requests, and get to know your members.

3. Launch a Bring-a-Friend Campaign

The easiest way to grow a community and attract new members is to bring in more friends and family. Encourage your current members to invite at least one friend or family member each weekend. This way, the visitors will feel comfortable and at home, because they are with people they know. This also helps your current church family grow closer.

4. Develop a Church App

This is an easy way to get the younger generations involved. An app will allow you to post the newsletter, create events, have RSVP options for events, and allow people to share experiences. It doesn’t have to be an overly complicated app and, these days, creating an app is fairly easy.

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5. Host Community Events

Another good way to attract new members is by hosting events. Big or small, it will get your community involved and interested in what you are doing. It also gives people a chance to mingle and get to know members, so they have someone to connect with if they do decide to visit. Try hosting events such as game nights, ice cream days, cookouts, picnics, and more.

6. Create a Clear, Branded Message

It’s important to make sure your church’s brand, both in person and online, is in line with the message that you want portrayed to members and newcomers. Whether that is a very traditional look or a modern twist, be sure the presence in the community is there and saying the right things. When your brand is strong, you’ll find that you naturally attract new members. Here are 3 signs your church is in need of a brand update.

7. Feature Personal Stories

Invite members and visitors to share their feedback! The most trusted type of marketing is word of mouth. When members and visitors are sharing their great experiences, it will encourage others. As long as you’ve gotten their permission, you can share someone’s story in your newsletter, on social media, and on your website.

8. Be Open to Everyone

Try to evaluate your church to see if you offer something for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. A big problem with many churches is a reputation or feeling of exclusiveness. People should always get a sense of belonging and openness from a church, whether that be online, in person, or even from the road.

The best goal to have as a church is to grow and include more people in what God is doing at your church. This includes discipling your current members and doing what you can to attract new members. Figuring out the right marketing strategy for your church can be tricky at times, but that’s why we are here.