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8 Ways to Attract New Members & Enhance Your Church’s Experience

November 2, 2018

In ministry, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and run out of ideas for ways to appeal to new potential churchgoers and grow your community. That’s why we wanted to give you eight ideas for how to enhance your church’s experience and attract new members.

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Simple Technological Tools to Improve the Church Experience

September 21, 2018

In today’s technology-driven society, it’s easy for your church to fall behind if it’s not keeping up with basic technological trends. Stop fighting modernization! Think of technology as the missing link to connect to members and visitors outside of the sanctuary. Technology has the ability to improve engagement within and outside of the church walls and the possibilities of reach and spreading the word are endless. Here are five simple technological tools to improve the church experience.

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Determining & Reaching Your Target Audience

September 7, 2018

The term “target audience” might immediately make you think of the business world, but reaching your target audience is equally as relevant in the church world. There’s a reason that there are so many different types of churches with unique styles, cultures, and messaging – and it’s a good thing. If every church was trying to reach the masses, the result would be watered down, middle-of-the-line, unremarkable churches. And, if we’re being honest, there are plenty of those kinds of churches already.

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5 Ways to Grow Volunteers Spiritually

August 31, 2018

Serving culture is needed to run the church, but you also want to ensure that your church body is experiencing healthy growth. More important than just filling open positions in your volunteer teams, these teams and roles need to be engaging, challenging, and growing volunteers to ultimately make more disciples. You must be intentional about the role of serving in your church as a means of spiritual growth. Here are five strategies to implement to grow volunteers spiritually and make sure your teams are fruitful.

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How to Stay Relevant as a Church: Music & Free Coffee Matter Less Than You Think

August 17, 2018

For churches in 2018, the pressure has never been more real to have a church that is “relevant” and (if we’re being honest) “cool.” If you don’t offer locally grown, organic fair-trade coffee, have a donut wall, and preach in skinny jeans, you might feel like you’re doing something wrong. But figuring out how to stay relevant as a church is about more than just following trends.

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5 Tips to Improve External Communication

August 3, 2018

As leaders, we sometimes forget to view our church through the lens of an outsider. From new believers and first-time guests to non-churchgoers and casual attendees, we must acknowledge that the view of our church is different from the outside looking in. To better reach and attract these people, we need to think before we speak. Here are five tips to improve external communication and make these groups of people more comfortable and help them understand your vision.

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Easily Evaluate Your Church with SWOT Analysis Questions

July 6, 2018

A SWOT analysis is simple enough to conduct in a relatively short amount of time without a deep understanding of strategy or analytics. It covers the basics to thoroughly assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in both internal and external factors that affect your church’s success. To get a quick sense of where your team needs to reevaluate and improve, here are some relevant questions to ask when conducting your SWOT analysis.

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Check Your F.A.C.T.S: 5 Traits to Assess in a Potential Leader

June 15, 2018

Having a strong and capable team depends on having a strong and capable leader for them to follow. But how can we spot a good potential leader? Before you put someone into a position that they may or may not be ready for, check your F.A.C.T.S! Evaluate whether this person is ready to step up by taking time to consider their qualities and skills. Remember the five traits to assess in a potential leader for your church by remembering the acronym F.A.C.T.S.

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The 3 Ways to Manage Your Church’s Online Reputation

June 8, 2018

In this day and age, a person’s first impression of your church is often formed before they even walk through the door or speak to any of your team members. Through the power of the internet, we can get to know people and organizations with the click of a button. Churches can take advantage of this by taking the initiative to build an online reputation for themselves that gives potential members the information they need to make an informed decision on whether to attend your church. Here are the three primary ways to manage your church’s online reputation and form a good digital first impression with their target market.

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