The Client

CityGate is a nondenominational church located in the heart of Downtown Fort Myers, Florida. Their mantra is to love God, love people, and serve others. They believe the most effective ministry happens outside the four walls of the church, which is why they are so outreach-minded. As part of their heart to serve the community, CityGate does monthly outreaches, designed to meet practical needs and show people the love of Jesus.

They also have a youth center called Crossover, where they use sports and other activities to provide a safe place for teenagers to be mentored and learn more about Jesus.In addition to their youth center and monthly community outreaches, CityGate also serves the community through a bus ministry, community garden, and homeless ministry. Their heart for the people of Downtown Fort Myers is certainly evident through their ministries and outreaches.

The challenge

When CityGate first came to Fluid Church, they were actually two separate churches that needed to merge into one. What made this situation especially challenging was that one church was a Southern Baptist church with an average attendee age of 80 and the other was a Pentecostal church with an average attendee age of 30. First and foremost, they needed to establish one cohesive vision statement, mission statement, core values, brand personality, positioning statement, and voice. Secondly, once their brand was established, they needed everything you could imagine, from a new website to a new logo to new print materials, social media graphics, signage, and more. In addition to help with branding and marketing, CityGate needed support for their programming, production and creative departments to fill the gaps and fuel growth. It was a pivotal time for CityGate. Without the strategic partnership with Fluid Church, they would have spent a lot more time, money, energy, and frustration trying to work through all of these unique challenges on their own.

The Results

Fluid Church was able to fill in the gaps for CityGate and serve them in every way they needed. They started with helping CityGate clarify their vision, mission, and values and establish a strong brand identity. Once the brand was clarified, Fluid Church providing everything CityGate needed for their new brand image, including videos, website design, graphics, print materials, and more.

Fluid Church was able to help CityGate create and implement systems that fit the unique heart and vision of the church. Fluid also assisted them with getting their weekend programming and production to the level where they wanted it to be. This included purchasing and installing a brand new sound system.Since working with Fluid Church, CityGate has grown by 250 people. But more than that, they are a unified, healthy, and thriving church. Because they did the hard work of strengthening their internal systems and core values, they are now able to spend their time and energy focused on what they feel called to do: serve the community with the loveof Jesus.