Check Your F.A.C.T.S: 5 Traits to Assess in a Potential Leader

traits to assess in a potential leader, leader, church leader, leadership

Having a strong and capable team depends on having a strong and capable leader for them to follow. But how can we spot a good potential leader? Before you put someone into a position that they may or may not be ready for, check your F.A.C.T.S! Evaluate whether this person is ready to step up by taking time to consider their qualities and skills. Remember the five traits to assess in a potential leader for your church by remembering the acronym F.A.C.T.S., meaning a person is ready to lead when they are:


A leader must be able to move with the ebb and flows of the church. Because of the organic and people-oriented nature of church organizations, flexibility is important to be able to properly serve where needed at the drop of a hat. A leader must be flexible to the needs of the whole and must adapt to the church culture so that they are the right representation of your church and vision.


Is this person readily available? We all have lives outside of the church, but balance allows for people to be able to serve in a leadership capacity. You can spot that quality in someone who is consistently showing up to events and keeping up with their commitments. A leader is not fickle when it comes to scheduling. They show up when they commit and communicate if they cannot. Leaders must also be available so that they can be present within and knowledgeable of the teams that they are leading.


You might have a potential leader in mind who is completely willing to do the job, but are they called to that position? Make sure it is a right fit by ensuring it’s perfect for the season of their own growth. Have a conversation with them to learn more about their heart, their passions, and their gifts. Place a person in the wrong fit and, not only will they not grow spiritually and as a leader, but someone else who is a fit will be shut out from growing in their potential. Be prayerful and intentional when seeking who is called.

traits to assess in a potential leader, leader, church leader, leadership


The next trait is important because a person can seem fully competent and capable of leadership but, if they aren’t willing to grow and expand, then they aren’t ready. The leader you choose must be teachable. They must have an “open palms” mindset, meaning they are ready to both give and receive. A leader must be able to receive feedback and soak it in like a sponge, applying it to their daily practices and growing from it in the long-term. If a person is unable to learn themselves, then how can they effectively teach others?

S-ervant Heart

The previous traits look at the status and condition of the person, but this last one looks at the very heart and nature of the team member. A true leader is one with a servant heart. They know the inherent quality of serving others as Jesus did. This person is looking to help everyone all the time and always with a smile on their face. They have a genuine heart to love as Jesus loves.

The effectiveness of our teams will determine how that team is doing in touching lives and spreading your church’s vision. Take the time to properly evaluate these five traits to assess in a potential leader. If your potential leader has all of the F.A.C.T.S. straight, you likely have a strong figure in your midst that you should be utilizing to strengthen your church.