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At Fluid Church, it is our commitment and honor to work with purpose, creating a meaningful impact on the world around us through Fluid Church Contributions. We are proud to partner with a variety of both local and national non-profit organizations, including those listed below.


Rev. Edward MacDonald Scholarship Fund

Fueling the gospel was the heart of Ed MacDonald. From a young age, he embraced a deep relationship with Jesus and wanted others to experience what he had found. As a high school student, he would go far out of his way to pick up other students for church. He always had a heart for those in search of help and hope. He continually supported world outreach efforts and made sure he was actively living a missional lifestyle, going door-to-door just to pray with people who might need it.

As a church planter and pastor, he did not measure success by the number of people in the pews, but by the number of people who found new purpose in Christ. He believed that there was no greater purpose than to help others find a path to salvation and used a wide breadth of creative ways to draw them into church or to meet them where they were. Ed MacDonald loved people and had a deep desire to see them become a part of the “Big C:” Church. He spent countless hours discipling and encouraging others on how to passionately pursue those in need of help and hope. He led by example. Even after he retired from ministry, he never wavered from the mission to share the love of Christ with others. He was/is a man of God, an evangelist, a friend, a leader, a dreamer, a pastor, a husband, a soul winner, and a loving father.

In Ed MacDonald’s honor, we have created a fund to allow pastors and their teams, who might not have the resources, find a catalyst to propel their calling, vision, and mission.

If you are in need of a scholarship to fuel your ministry, please apply below.

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