Don’t do ministry alone

We truly believe ministry wasn’t meant to be done alone. You need a place where you feel safe, supported, and connected. Through coaching, you can receive encouragement and guidance from peers as well as from a coach who has walked a similar path. Don’t spend another sleepless night. We’d love to help hold up your arms as you pursue all that God has for you.

Group Coaching

In Group Coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to receive encouragement and advice from a seasoned coach and from a group of people who are on a similar journey.


Round Table Coaching

Round Table Coaching is a smaller coaching group where you’ll have the opportunity to develop relationships with a handful of other leaders like you as well as receive practical insight and advice from a coach whose only goal is to help you succeed in life and leadership.

One on One Mentorship

If you want to receive the undivided attention and focus of a coach who can help you succeed in your personal life and your ministry, there’s no better option than our One on One Mentorship. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself, your family, and your church.

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